Ecuador - Technical and Vocational Education and Training

Ecuador - Beroeps- en technisch(e) onderwijs en opleidingen
TVET programme (programme on Technical and Vocational Education and Training)
2011 - 2013
Planned 2011 - 2013: €996,809
In-service training, Education, Technical education, Vocational education


In 2010, the Ministry of Education of Ecuador asked VVOB to deploy its expertise in the TVET sector. TVET stands for Technical and Vocational Education and Training.

As the Ministry is now shaping the general bachillerato, in which both technical and vocational education are included, VVOB has been asked to support the curriculum development and to expand the link with the labour market. The main objective of the programme is to contribute to the inter-institutional cooperation between technical and vocational education on the one hand and the labour market on the other hand (e.g. with reference to internships, employment…).