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VVOB cooperates in a variety of ways with both national and international governmental and non-governmental organisations. These consist of:

  • Key Belgian and Flemish government agencies such as DGD, BTC and the Flemish Department of Education
  • The Governments of Cambodia, DR Congo, Ecuador, Rwanda, South Africa, Suriname, Vietnam, Zambia and Zimbabwe
  • Regional and local education authorities such as pedagogical services, teacher training institutions and quality support institutions
  • International development agencies and multilateral organisations such as the European Union, UNICEF, UNESCO, IRC, JICA and ADB

Your Quality Partner in Education for Development

In collaboration with these national and international partners we work on a diverse range of projects. We are always looking for new partnership opportunities that can help us to deliver quality education projects and programmes. If you are interested in collaborating with VVOB, please contact us through the ‘contact form’.

Our Network

  • In the implementation of our operations around the world, always many local partners are involved. These important strategic and operational partners of the VVOB programmes are listed on the respective programme descriptions on this website (see Operations in the South).
  • Already many (mainly Flemish) educational organisations have signed a memorandum of understanding with VVOB to support our educational programmes. These are VVOB's structural partners.
  • In 2014, VVOB and its partners started with a programme on equity in education (see Activities in Flanders). This programme is based on the common ground we have with our partner countries when it comes to equity in education. Through a learning network we bring many Flemish education actors together.
  • VVOB vzw is one of the initiators of ''. This is the Belgian platform for education and training in development cooperation.
  • In our collaboration with 'Klasse' we translate our experiences with and in the education sector in the South to the public of 'Klasse' in Flanders.
  • The VVOB programme SchoolLinks (see Activities in Flanders) supports and encourages collaboration between schools in Flanders and the South.