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VVOB calls on civil society organisations (CSO) and local authorities (LA) involved in city links and/or school links to express their interest in participating in the DEAR programme.


The European Commission's Development Education and Awareness Raising (DEAR) aims to inform its EU citizens about development issues, mobilise greater public support for actions against poverty, give citizens tools to engage critically with global development issues, to foster new ideas and change attitudes. It is implemented by civil society actors and local authorities within the EU and acceding countries.

The specific objective of the DEAR programme is to develop European citizens' awareness and critical understanding of the interdependent world and of their role, responsibility and lifestyles in a globalised society. In addition, it supports the public’s active involvement in global attempts to eradicate poverty and promote justice, human rights and sustainable ways of living.

The next DEAR call is expected to be published in March 2018.

The concept

VVOB wants to submit a proposal for a programme that establishes an international network of SDG schools.

The schools engaged in the network exchange on SDG-related topics and develop global citizenship competencies in young children and youth. The exchange takes place at the level of students, teachers and school leaders, both online and in real life. The schools are also encouraged to take action and to initiate activities, in schools and the local community.

Schools in the Global South (South America, Africa and Asia) will also participate in the network. This enriches the European perspective on the SDGs and allows participating schools to approach SDG topics as global challenges. Through this connection with peers from non-EU countries, the SDGs become more concrete.

The programme will focus on:

  • The integration of global citizenship in the education curricula
  • A whole school approach
  • Professional development of teachers and school leaders
  • A campaign on global priorities that brings EU development cooperation closer to the public
  • Outreach to the local community

The programme will implement the following activities:

  • Training and professional development of teachers and school leaders
  • Motivate schools to take action, implement school activities, interact with partner schools, etc.
  • Guidance and support of the network of schools
  • An international SDG contest
  • Selection of SDG youth ambassadors

The consortium

VVOB is a development organisation working in the field of quality education. VVOB runs a SchoolLinks programme, among others, which offers a supportive framework that enables schools in Belgium and the Global South to develop a school link. Between the schools, educational and intercultural exchanges take place and global citizenship competencies are developed in both teachers and students.

To build a strong consortium, VVOB is in search for CSOs and LAs with experience in:

  • City links with specific interest to start a school link;
  • Supporting and guiding school links;
  • Global citizenship education; and/or
  • International cooperation (EU and non-EU).

Expressions of interest can be sent to