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Onze focus: doelstellingen, subsectoren en onderwijscomponenten

We focus on three education subsectors: Early education, Primary education and Secondary technical and vocational education. Within these subsectors we work mainly around three education components: Teacher Development, School Leadership and Strategic Support.

Objectives and Subsectors

Early Education

  • Objective:

Early Education teachers and school leaders provide all learners equal opportunities to enhance their further education and future success.

  • VVOB programmes:

Vietnam | Zambia | Zimbabwe

Primary Education

  • Objective:

Primary Education teachers and school leaders use appropriate teaching, monitoring and follow-up strategies to improve learning outcomes of all learners in numeracy, literacy and life skills.

  • VVOB programmes:

Cambodia | Rwanda | South Africa

Secondary Technical and Vocational Education

  • Objective:

Teachers and school leaders of Secondary Technical and Vocational Education prepare all learners according to the demands of the society and the world of decent work.

  • VVOB programmes:

DR Congo | Ecuador | Suriname

Education Components

To realise our education objectives, we focus on capacity development of local education authorities on the following three education components:


Teacher Development

Teachers are key in improving learning outcomes of children; a focus on Teacher Development is therefore an obvious choice. The primary focus is on capacity development of organisations and institutions that target the improvement of pedagogical and didactical competences of teachers, their access to qualitative learning materials and active pedagogies and didactics. This involves not only appropriate initial teacher training, but also professional growth at different stages in their learning process.

The context analysis within and with the country determine on which aspects of the professional development of teachers the programme focuses.


School Leadership

The professional development of teachers also requires effective school leadership. School leadership is therefore another focus area of VVOB. School leaders who support, evaluate and develop teacher quality have a high impact on children’s learning outcomes. And from an equity perspective, effective school leaders are particularly important in the improvement of low performing and disadvantaged schools.


Strategic Support

Enabling a strong policy environment for the professionalisation of teachers and school leaders is equally important. VVOB will enhance dialogue, communication and collaboration between different educational stakeholders in the areas of teacher development and school leadership.