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VVOB in Vlaanderen: Brug met het Zuiden

The world we wish to leave our children, is balanced and sustainable, a world in which each individual has equal opportunities. Giving people in 'the South' more opportunities is the ultimate goal of VVOB’s Southern Operation. At the same time, a sustainable, equal world can only be achieved if there is a growing solidarity between peoples, mutual understanding and respect, and when prejudices fade

Building Bridges

Therefore, our 'Northern Operation' seeks to contribute to greater support for development cooperation in Flanders. We try to make a fruitful interaction possible between the educational reality in the South and in Flanders. When the knowledge of each other grows, it creates dialogue. It can bring about a better perception of each other that leads to an appreciation of differences and similarities.

Activities in Flanders

In 2014, VVOB and its partners start with a programme on equity in education. This programme is based on the common ground we have with our partner countries when it comes to equity in education.

The SchoolLinks programme builds bridges between schools in Flanders and the South on the level of primary and secondary education. Through the Internship Programme and the partnerships between colleges, we also forge relationships at the level of higher education. Through our websites, newsletters, discussion sessions, trainings and participation to events,... VVOB reaches out to different actors in Flanders to get them involved in development issues. Through the platform VVOB shares information on education and development cooperation and thereby strengthens Belgian policy. Thanks to the commitment of dozens of voluntary translators many language barriers can be overcome in the exchange between Flanders and the partner countries.